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was significant and poignant. >> i never thought i'd see one inauguration of a black manw'i, now, i've seen two. >> there is still some star power. >> coming up, one of the eight co-chairs is a young woman from san francisco. we met her last week before she caught a flight to washington, d.c.. we'll check in with her as she got on her float for the parade. >> i'm mark matthews abc 7 news.
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>> okay, audio, now. we're are sure what the inauguration sounded like for tens of thousands of today. >> the jumbo tron kept cutting out, audio feed was worse making most of the event unintelligible to everyone watching there. similar to what we just had. we just did a simulation of that. some people booed because they only heard every other word of the speech. >> we have more coverage in our 4:30 half hour, some residents got up early to watch the event. also, the fashion and what were michelle, sasha and malia wearing today, and a winery celebrating with a special toast. >> president obama paid tribute to the man birthday we're celebrating today. and they paused before this bust of the civil rights
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leader. the president said this was the first time he'd noticed the king bust among artifacts there and said it was a privilege to use the bible of the civil rights leader in his swearing in ceremony. >> the 24th annual martin luther king junior paradex÷(f held this morning this, is the oldest tribute to king in the east bay. the parade ended with a rally. >> people in san jose honored the late civil rights leader by hopping aboard the annual freedom train. this train ended in san francisco, coming up at 4:55 we'll have a report on other events around san francisco honoring dr. king. >> check out this video shot hours ago by sky 7 hd. that is a surfer near the cliff house. >> strong rip currents caused the surfer to lose his bearings. the coast guard first thought
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of air lifting him but then decided on a different approach. they told the surfer to jump into the water and jim against crashing waves to rescuers. >> shouldn't have been as far as i was with my buddy. he was a more advanced surfer. called whoever needed to call, and they came, saved me. >> the surfer taken to the pier and checked out by paramedic autos the body of one man was recovered and the search continues for another presumed drowned off the north shore of the island of kuaui. he was vacationing with his friends, leaving a farewell to san francisco as last post, here you can see it on his facebook page. he died trying to save his friend, brian baker are who was swept into the ocean. the search for baker resumed today. >> police are investigating a
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deadly early morning shooting that devastated a family this, happened just after midnight. a 43-year-old was shot to death. his police say the shooter ran away. >> take a look at this disturbing surveillance video as an armed robber tries to hold up a cell phone ask check cashing store. employees were behind bulletproof glass. the robber fired a shot. police are looking for any information that could lead them to this man. >> san francisco firefighters say an overloaded circuit appears to have caused a fire in a crowded apartment in a man described as a collector. crews contained the flames to the second floor apartment. he was treated for smoke
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inhalation. >> the person was a collector. a lot of equipment was in there. but... looks like accidental cause. >> the owner says he lived in that apartment for are decades, even before they bought that building. >> repair work begins on the bay bridge tower bumper damaged two weeks ago. sky 7 hd was over the area, crews will replace the damaged sections and the repairs÷fmp expected to take about four and a half months to complete. and cost up to $3 million. >> as you know, 49ers are go together super bowl. we'll be inundated with stories about the ba -- harbaugh brother autos fans and reporters going to be exploring every aspect. there are two people who are tired of the story as you can
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imagine. they both expressed same feeling in their mind to talk about players. >> talking about myself and to be talked about. >> the players, you know, they're the one that's had the most to do with it.d3qrç and and should be talking about. >> we're not that interesting there. is nothing more to learn. you know? the tape across the middle of the room story. you got it? you know? it's okay. you know? it's, thereq6qñ is just like any other family and this will be the second time the brothers faced each other as skpochz squared off on thanksgiving and you'll recall niners beat the niners in that match up. >> you heard about john talking about the tape across the room story. if you haven't heard it, thes
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were little kids bickering with one another, they got out tape and went down right in the middle of the bedroom, and this is my side, that is your side. you stay on your side and they get back to fighting again. >> yes. i'm going to step on your side of the room. you know? that is the way they are that. is the harbaugh brother autos the coach was back in santa claire area thanks fans"5ktz) support. >> fans90a are thanking him skprkt team, as well. we are live in santa clara with the story. sergio? >> well, the coach said he doesn't want to talk a lot about this match up against his big brother but he did end up having to because we asked to many questions about it. he says despite family ties he's hoping for a big win for the super bowl.qfx 49er red is the color of the day. customers were snatching their gear, and savoring this trip.
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the last time the 49ers brought home a trophy was 18 years ago. fans are coach are more than ready for another one to be added to the collection. >> just win, baby. just win. >> bay area, san francisco, with the 49ers so this is appreciated. >> super bowl 47 is already proving to be one of the hottest tickets in the country. with priszs for cheapest seats skyrocketing online for $3,000 a piece. for fans planning on making it a super bowl weekend in new orleans, i was checking online. there are packages put together for three day days in
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new orleans starting at around $7,000. live in santa clara, abc 7 news. >> couch is looking better and better. >> we're sending several crews to new orleans to cover the 49ers and super bowl 47. i'll be there, mike shumann will be there. and i'm wondering how many we're going to send after hearing about the top dollar are prices. money is no object when it comes to 49er autos it's going to be fun. >> check it out. new this afternoon vantage point you didn't get to see from the mavericks competition yesterday this, is cool. >> have this is video from a go pro camera. check out this shot. the eventual winner rides up his back. and i'd had that happen to me exits not fun.
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he won in the age attempt in a classy move the santa cruz county native decided to split his winning was other top finishers. my understand sthag he works for quick silver, it's before for him.gx >> this. >> sharing his winnings? how often do you hear about that? >> we've had a winning day in weather. clouds are out to sea. ilts mild with temperatures into 60s just about everywhere. it's cooling off into inland east bay. this is the forecast. mainly cool conditions under partly cloudy skies. will be chilly in spots. temperatures from 45 do-to-55. early in the morning cold in spots with lows dropping below in
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locations in north bay valleys. by afternoon, partly cloudy skies. and big changes coming up after that. maybe rain and certainly a cool down. >> spencer, thanks. still ahead a man takes to the streets not for money but a plea to save his life. >> plus... >> check out in san francisco for jazz lovers. >> and at 4:30 a surprise turn out for the second day of the gun buy back program. people weren't getting any money for it this time. >> plus, michael finney taking your questions on twit skbrer facebook. he'll answer them here live in just minutes. you can contact michael on
4:12 pm finney abc 7 and on twitter. at m finney. >> taking a look at traffic right now skyway, this is heavier, but traffic quite heavy for drivers trying to make their way eastbound. it's heavy for drivers
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new developments in the
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bizarre girlfriend hoax involuming mani teo. six others are claiming they fell victim. the man is accused of creating his fake identity of this woman pretending to be a young woman from stanford, one other victim spoke to abc news. she's a former beauty queen say sheg had conversation was that woman and says it turned out to be tuiasosopo8ketuiasoso. >> it's crazy that this whole thing is corrected to -- constructed to make this one girl seem real. she told me she played volleyball at van stan forward, a victoria secret model. >> she says she received a facebook message from manti teo three years ago. reading she keeps talking like
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she knows everyone, i'm thinking it's a prank.f+ulñ at this point tuiasosopo tuiasosopo is saying nothing. you can watch the interview with him and his parents on katie, this thursday. >> an oregon has been begging on the side of the road in the hopes of gegt a new kidney. he has been receiving dialysis treatments three times per week for 18 months. he has been waiting more than a year for a transplant. he decided to holdup a sign on the side of the road. >> the tonor will have no costs. >> martinez has a disease that prevents his family members from donating to him. >> a new entertainment venue
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opened today in san francisco, it's the envy of the jazz scene. 3 party broke out to celebrate the opening of the san francisco jazz center. this is a music hall. the auditorium seats 700 people who also house a jazz backers say it will be a center of jazz innovation. >> this conversation will continue for decades still to come. >> musicians cut the ribbons that cost $64 million with glass walls to invite vit passerbies. makes me wish i had talent. >> yes. yes. >> i can listen. >> that is gorgeous out there.
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>> temperatures in the 60s around the bay area. there is a view. clouds around. but still, sunny skies and we have a beautiful sunset. we always do when we have clouds in the sky there to add color to western sky. here is live doppler 7. you can see sunny skies continuing until sunset readings at or are above 60 in some locations. we'll see clouds increasing late tomorrow, and tomorrow night, showers developing in the north bay wednesday, early. then much cooler weather by week's end. let's take a look at the projected lowmpñs 31 in nappa. lows below freezing. mid to upper 30s in locations around the bay up to about 45 in san francisco active
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weather, clouds, moisture out to sea. some making its way into the bay area, light showers developing on wednesday. let's start at 4:00 wednesday morning. notice we'll see showers remains dry south and east. most of the rain, whatever shower activity will stay up north. we don't expect to it amount to much. tomorrow, we'll see sunny skies with clouds increasing in the day. 66 in san francisco -- san jose and mid to upper 60s in redwood city. 67 mountain view. mid-60s on coast and downtown nornl bay, cooler. so will inhibit warming. highs into low to mid-60s
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there. near east bay, mid-60s across the area there. here is the accu-weather forecast.dbqñ travel down to monterey bay is going to be mild. highs into low 70s. now, the accu-weather forecast is seeing a chance of showers. high temperatures into upper 50s thursday and friday. and only mid-50s on saturday, sunday. so feeling more like winter. >> getting closer to super bowl you're going to have to incorporate new orleans highs and low autos you're right except they're playing in a dome. >> i'm worried about me! >> oh, larry. >> yes. yes. >> that is what i meant. >> speaking of the fans, take a look at this photo. a father and daughter showing their team pride. >> this is all about fans.u7?r
4:21 pm
look at little alia. >> we've got some four legged fans that are intense. you can send your fan photos to us on you report on >> it's about the fan autos trying to remember that. >> up next, stars rubbing shoulders with politicians and some more popular than the president, actually. >> a controversial call making coach jim harbaugh feel he was losing his mind yesterday. reaction getting a lot after tension on line. we'll have
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he says his secret to a long life is prayer skpfrks course, being a safe driver. >> you want to live to that but don't want to be on the roadway near him i'm getting the feeling he doesn't drive a whole lot. >> i'm hoping not. >> making to it 110? and looking like he did? that is great. >> yes. surprise turnout fr a second gun buy back program. there is no money left to buy back anything. >> and today is a holiday. but many in the bay area got
4:26 pm
up early to watch the inauguration. we'll take to you one viewing party. >> and what are they wearing? >> and what are they wearing? fashion choices of first lady hey america, even though she doesn't need them,
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the depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too.
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marin county officials sponsored another gun buy back. >> the program ran out of money, but plenty of people took advantage of the opportunities to get rid of weapons they don't want around anymore. >> yes. wayne freedman has the story for us. wayne? >> plenty of people, but last week, 827 weapons turned in. today, 29. in mill ral valley, more residents turned in firearms and some, still loaded. this resident turned this one in, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. >> i think we have enough violence in our society z i think we need to take responsibility and try to get guns off the streets. >> this is the second nim a week marin county asked rez don'ts turn in guns. they began tuesday, offering $43,000 as incentive money,
4:30 pm
which ran out in 90 minutes. from there, turning to vouchers, today no, promises. >> i don't want money for it. >> some do. the county owes $67,000 now for the turned in guns they're taking private donation autos from general public, largest check is a thousand. >> another person gave $26. one for every life lost in sandy hook. today's hull, 29 weapons from an ar 15 to a bebe gun to a rifle that peter kept in his attic two decades he no longer wants around. >> kids can find them. and you know, we have grandchildren. they know where to look. >> so 29 weapons on the streets. and this was the case last week, marin took weapons no questions asked.
4:31 pm
the district attorney says weapons will be destroyed and hopes to make good on vouchers issued last week within 30 days. live in mill valley, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the president was sworn in today and used his address touch on challenges of the 21 century calling for equal treatment for are gays. in a lunchen, he was presented with crystal and photographs. here is a look at one of the balls underway, the commander in chief ball including military honorees. there is the public ball tonight z a salute to heroes ball, hosted by joe biden. >> people got up early to match and many wanted to watch this occasion with friends. abc 7 news is at one party in san francisco.
4:32 pm
>> the crowd was small, but enthusiastic. >> this is the next best thing, like being there. >> skef any was on here feet, watching barack obama take the second oath of office. >> this is incredible seeing the flags and people. like i'm there, but not physically there, but there in spirit. i'm a historian this, is history. >> it's amazing what this country came together and did. >> diane thinks it's fitting that the day is also a holiday. >> i can celebrate his birthday. it's a wonderful day. we're excited and want it d to be there and have the girls experience it with use suzanne came to watch with her grandz kids. her son wants to see obama working to get both parties together. >> i hope that...
4:33 pm
>> everyone starts working together more that, congress gets it's act together. >> next four are years won't be easy. there are challenges. and folks in this room say they have hope. >> there is live, and there is always hope. >> abc 7 news. >> of course, the festivities aren't just about the president, there is buzz over what the first lady was wearing, she had a blue and white dress design bid tom brown and a blue cardigan. in the morning she wore a navy checkered jacket also by brown, who is known for revolutionizing a men's suit. fabric inspire bid a silk tie. the jeweled belt and gloves from j crew. earrings design bid kathy watderman. today, the president praised his wife at the lunchen. >> and i would lake to offer a
4:34 pm
last toast and that is to my extraordinary wife, michelle there is controversy about the quality of the president no controversy about the quality of our current first lady. >> after code's -- fers pits, her outpit fit will go to national archives. malia we are wearing an ensemble by j crew and sasha, a kate spade coat and dress. >> those invited enjoyed a mouth watering menu. >> invites dined on lobster tails, second choice was bison. for desert, apple pie with sour cream. >> i never had bison or sour cream ice cream. the meal game a price, topping 3,000 calorie autos quite a a lot b that california touch, diners washed everything down with bottles of champagne served from special one and a
4:35 pm
half liter image number autos you can get the vintage but only at the regular 750 size and without special label this, is the age time korbel has been served at the presidential luncheon. >> and still ahead, jim harbaugh's tantrum there, it is, after a controversial call. >> super sibling rivalry. we'll hear from the father of the harbaughs. what he says drives his sons. >> and q and a is just ahead, still taking your questions so you can contact me on faceboo and on twitter, at m finney. i'll answer questions here in just a moment. >> there is a view putting jim harbaugh in a calmer mood. looking down at ocean beach, clear skies mainly, and
4:36 pm
pleasant weather is ahead with a few changes. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> and here is a view from golden gate bridge now. >> it's sticky into san francisco now. heavy traffic. for drivers heading across the bridge it's moving better. bridge it's moving better. stay wssure and get a colde high be
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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fans know about the passion head coach jim
4:39 pm
harbaugh brings to his job. the country is not talking about his percent are nalt after seeing him react to a call. >> after a view, the ruling on the field stands. >> harbaugh goes crazy on the side line autos are you kidding me? it's a good 10 second tantrum like a 2-year-old in a toy store. there is controversy about this, never mind what happened on the field. just watch him go nuts. there is -- i thought it was incomplete. anyway, it is this image everybody is talking about, today. >> more now on what is being called bro bowl. >> yes. two brothers coaching teams
4:40 pm
are are going to go head to head on side lines ask this has never happened before. >> they're calling it super bowl baugh or maybe, har-bowl. the title game will pit the two harbaugh brothers jim and john, against each other. >> just hours after jim's 49ers beat atlanta falcon autos 49er goes together super bowl. >> brothers have never been head coaches of opposing teams in the big game. >> i like to think you're looking at mirror images of two football teams and it's going to be a great game and he's a great football coach. >> noits surprise both men were are born to be here, their father coached high school and college more than
4:41 pm
40 years. >> our family is passionate about what we do. >> older brother john started his coaching career with ravens in 2008. jim played quarterback at the university of michigan, and starred in nfl for 15 years before becoming head coach of the 49ers last season. >> it's unique to see which brother will continue. who won the match ups when they were younger. >> it will be tough for brothers to faceoff. and only consoleation, no matter what, one son will win it all. >> wow. >> that is going to be some game for them in tense. >> let's check on the forecast now.. >> yes. to say jim harbaugh is intense is saying the ocean is well.
4:42 pm
clouds lurking off shore, just a few thin clouds overhead now. so sunny skies, it's been a lovely day. tomorrow, mainly dry, lovely day. fargo will have temperatures below skpeero most of the day. highs will be zero. highs in minneapolis will be one. in chicago, nine. so it's like summer here compared to that. northeast highs into 20s. iner 50s around denver. much of the nation is experiencing colder weather. state wide in california tomorrow, mild to warm. highs in 60s and up to 80s in the south in los angeles. here in the bay area, mainly sunny skies early tomorrow, we'll see increasing clouds later in the day.
4:43 pm
highs in mid-60s later in the day. so nice, mild day tomorrow policedding increase in clouds taking place tomorrow night and arrival of rain on wednesday. we'll take a look at 5:00 when we do the seven-day forecast. >> still ahead at 4:00 a special reunion for a 90-year-old world war ii veteran and a small army that helped make it happen. >> what happens when you're preapprove for a home loan, but denied when it comes
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4:46 pm
prince harry returning from a 20 week deployment in afghanistan, serving as an patchy helicopter pilot. the 28-year-old prince kill td taliban insurnl jents saying sometimes have you to take a tloif save a life. nobody saying how many insurgent was were killed. >> is he wuchbt most famous faces in the world, not to mention that signature red hair. when he is a soldier, he's just one of the guys. >> it's no easy ride for this
4:47 pm
member of the british royal family. during his four months grueling tour in afghanistan, fighting the war on terrorism on the front lines, it's this role harry loves most. >> when you fire the whole floor vibrates. when you fire a missile, the aircraft shudders a little bit. >> he's a co-pilot gunner firing weapons from the front seat. >> it's use more widely and they recognize the sound and shake of the aircraft. they know. >> harry celebrated his 28th birthday. 15 taliban fighters dressed in u.s. army uniform as tacked his base, killing two u.s. marines. >> the guys dealt with it really well. it was on my birthday, so it was a reality check.
4:48 pm
>> now, he's out of afghanistan this, soldier will be hanging up his boots for some well earned r and r before hitting charity circuits. >> there is an adventure coming up, medically if i can do that, it's perfect. >> and then, back to army duty for this soldier prince. >> a 90-year-old world war ii veteran is reunited for an honor debestod on him nearly 70 years ago. he never knew it was missing, mailing it home when recovering from a wound in september 1944. he always assumed it was packed away. 12 yearsing ayes a man found the medal in columbia, south carolina, in an antique store there. blum heard about a group called purple rights reunited and returned the honor. >> now, michael finney is here
4:49 pm
with questions sent to him. victor ae mailed this one. i've had 9895 miles on my one pass account for years. they earthed with united, now, united says miles expire in 18 months is this legal? >> yes. it is. they're allowed to change rules almost at will. department of transportation gives them that right as lng as there is small print and no doubt, they've added it in the contract there. 48 months is generally what you have to keep it alive. so... if you go in and just give away, let's say you're going to lose them, if you give away a thousand miles, then you get another 18 months or if taking a flight, just have to do something once every 18 months for almost all after the k.s for what they did. >> greg m asked this one.
4:50 pm
my wife and i preapprove forward a home loan but when it came time, we were denied. what is the point of the preapproval? >> what is the point of asking the bank for a loan these days? i'm not positive. you may have been prequalified. this is when you say how much money could i get? they say this is how much i make, they believe you. and tell you how much you can get a loan for. preapproved they say how much money you can get, then buying a house is another third step. they don't always like that deal. >> leanne asks i e niled today. saying the government won't file ll nl the 30s.
4:51 pm
>> yes. last year, they said january 14th. do it in the 30th but not before them. >> coming up next, honoring dr. martin luther king junior. one of the largest celebrations held today in san francisco. >> and no holiday for the chp. >> we're heading to a town 49ers quarterback now put on the map. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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largest bay area bathering to honor dr. martin luther king junior was held today that. is where we heather. >> at center stage, leaders
4:55 pm
read excerpts of the writing autos one day right there in alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little whilt boys and little white girls as sisters and brothers. >> the reverend bring morz than average connection to the legacy. his mother was a young schoolteacher when she marched with king in alabama. today, it's an emotional one for her. >> it's just overwhelming to see how far we've come what. we've accomplished you know? we have a ways to go. >> there is still injustice and prejudice in work force areas and inequality when it come to housing and job opportunities so. as long as we're still playing catch up in the work isn't done yet. >> this is nate williams first time attending the
4:56 pm
celebration. the los angeles native says he just finished serving 31 years in prison for a murder committed when he was 17. he was tried as an adu. he says he admires king and regrets his past. >> martin luther king taught me that. you know? all of the things they went through. you know? you have to be forgiven in order to be nonviolent. >> these juniors and seniors came tone joy the day with friends, learning from the past but focusing on the future. >> we're working on making the future better. not drawing on hardships our ancestors had. through their hardships, our lives are better. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. president obama's second inauguration seen throughs eyes of a electrical woman.
4:57 pm
>> and we'll take you live to collin kaep evmt rnik's hometown. >> increasing clouds and rain is on the way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> our journey is not complete until all of our children from streets of detroit to hills of april accomplisha to newtown know they're cared for and cherished. and safe from harm. >> the president used his second inauguration to spread a message of peace, and nonviolence as he was sworn in on the day as the nation observed the martin luther king junior holiday. good evening. >> the president's message
4:58 pm
resonated with many americans still struggling with the sandy hook school shooting. >> the speech filled with challenges but also, hope for the future. >> tonight, celebrations have begun, the inauguration balls are underway, right now. >> we're going to start with mark matthews covering the events today it was a call to action today. president and his speech using the opportunity to speak to a big national audience and layout his agenda. the president made his way into the white house. clouds today smaller than four years ago but no less enthusiastic this, san franciscoin was one of eight civilian co-skmairz heard the story about the health care act saved her life by providing insurance coverage to remove a brain tumor, today, she skiped us just before the parade and about to climb
4:59 pm
aboard the float. >> we're honored to be part of this. >> i do swear... >> so much today the same as when barack obama first became president and he begins with a different tone. calling on the people to rally for the reinvision raigs of the american dream. >> we're made for this moment. and will see that so long as we see this together. >> real fights await over the second term. president al you'ded to challenges. >> we reject the believe america must choose between caring for generation that's build this country and investing in the generation

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